Who wants to be my IBF

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  • anao808
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    Hey Camille 💖 We can be friends 👌 I’m 11. And I won’t tell anything, because I respect what everyone says.

  • ceecee-famouss
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    Hi my name is Tiffany l am 12 years old can l be your IBF

    • camille116
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      yeah we can be bff but i have to ask something… are you trustworthy

  • kaitkool
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    • camille116
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      Ok how old are you and are you trustworthy

  • camille116
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    If you want to be my IBF you have to be 11 or 12 (btw im 11) And… you have to be trustworthy and i should be able to tell you anything and if i have a secret you can not tell anyone

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