What does it Mean to be a True Friend?


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    What it means to be a true friend is to support your friend when they are going through stuff.You should always respect your friend,or else they won’t wanna be your friend anymore.You can’t be two faced.That means you are a different person,like for example:when they are around,let’s say that you may be mean to your friend,but when you guys are alone,you are nice to him or her.You should always understand your friend

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    To be true friend means not to say mean things about you behind your back. I had a friend who did that. We used to be BFF’s. Then, she made other friends, and she started telling them that I wasn’t her real friend. Being a true friends also means not being controlling about who your friends hang out with. Friends are for everyone.

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    It’s to never ditch your bestie for a boy… My best “friend” does that.. Every time I wanna hang out with her, she says she’s going over to her boyfriend’s house. Now we’re not friends anymore.

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    being a true friend means you’re always there for a friend,kind and you listen to what they have to say,not scared to tell them the truth no matter how bad it is and always celebrate their wins and support them in losses. i makes you feel a better person too.

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    That you are there for them ever step of the way and if they are down your there to help them out and they can trust you and you are just the Yin tho their Yang

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    It means you’re always there for them in their times of need….. You’re always happy for anything you may not like but they do…. You always help each other and are nice to each other

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    What do you think it means to be a true friend? Let us know!

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