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  • sabinemarussia
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    I really think it’s important to take some time and tell them about how their jokes are hurting your feelings. Good friends listen and do not want to hurt each other. I went through something similar just this week and last week at swim and my feelings were hurt by a girl but I didn’t tell her until this week. It’s very important to talk to let them know that this it is not making you feel very good. If they continue to make jokes like that and hurt your feelings then it doesn’t sound like those are really good friends. I would go and tell an adult because if I try to work something out by myself and it’s still happening, then that’s when I know I need an adult. I don’t like harsh jokes or people making fun of me.

  • cass_mallory-13
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    Tell her what she does to you, and if she keeps doing it, tell her you don’t want to be friends anymore! Nobody needs negative people in their lives!! 😊😊

  • hedgehogsrule
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    Thx y’all for all the advice me and her are doing good

  • queen_teenwolf
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    Tell her it’s not very funny to you. Get her to see it from your point of view. If she calls you too sensitive, she is not the best type of friend to have and you might not want to put so much focus on that relationship. If she understands you, then you are better off that way.

  • ddqueen
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    Tell her that it bothers you and that it hurts your feelings. She should understand as your friend.

  • haley5207
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    tell her how you feel hopefully she’ll understand

  • sisterplease
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    I think you should tell her how you feel and if she laughs, then she isn’t the right friend for you

  • catty102
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    Tell her that you don’t like her jokes and that they go too far sometimes.

  • Anonymous
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    that happens to me to but its not like i can just stop hanging out with her or ignore her causse we are neighbors and im homeschooled so shes al i see mostly

  • moxxo
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    @hedgehogsrule i am gladd u talked to her.thats the mature and best way to go about it 💜

  • ivyrocks
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    Tell them how you feel and if they don’t stop don’t be their friend anymore

  • hazel5
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    Ask her to stop there and then! @hedgehogsrule

  • kitt4
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    Tell her to knock it off

  • lolanna15
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    you spelled too wrong

    • tulipgirlnyc
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      lol I do that all the time too haha

  • donut37
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    I have that too… just be honest with them other wise it becomes a toxic relationship

  • yeehawtara
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    You should just be honest bc soon ur just not going to want to hang out with her/him anymore. and hopefully ur friendship is worth a few bad jokes

  • cheetahcat200
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    If you’ve tried to tell your friend to stop but he/she doesn’t listen, then maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t be hanging out with them. A true friend understands when they hurt your feelings, they don’t laugh as if you’re joking.
    Remember to choose your friends wisely, and maybe talk to some of that persons friends and get some information that way first

  • liv_carr
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    I’ve been here before, I suggest telling them how you feel and they will most likely stop.

  • itskyerak
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    You should tell them. If they are your friends they should understand. If you don’t say anything they might not know that they are hurting your feelings!🤗

    • hedgehogsrule
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      I’ve tried to but she laughs like it’s funny and won’t stop

      • itskyerak
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        I’m sorry to say this but that means that she is not a true friend. She should care about your feelings😔

        • hedgehogsrule
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          Well I talked to her and she understood we are doing good now

          • hazel5
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            So glad she understood! ❤️ @hedgehogsrule

          • maliazhane
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            That’s good bc a real friend wouldn’t want to hurt you sis, glad she understood.

  • hedgehogsrule
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    My friend loves making jokes but sometimes they hurt my feelings and go to far. What should I do?

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