Should I do it

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    Maybe try finding other friends and moving away from her, it sounds like she doesn’t have too much interest in being your friend, but don’t take that personally, it’s okay. Just start spending time with other people that are going to appreciate your company. ✨✨

  • haleepug
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    You should say stop turning me on and off like a light switch am I your friend or not

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    It doesn’t seem like you guys are friends it looks more like you guys are just people who hang around eachother

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    Aww thanks

  • thailani01
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    Thank you 🥰

  • itmebrooklyn
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    U should it’s probably because ur not that close to them

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    Thank ypu

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    Gurl… NOT A TRUE FRIEND! She is just using you. You should have a talk with her about how you feel about her. Find a person to talk to. ask to play with her at recess! Or ask her other friends if they know something!

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    I’m going threw the exact same thing. If she only talks to u at lunch then that’s defiantly not a true friend at all. A true friend will ALWAYS stay by your side not matter what and she will love u and care for u!!!! Maybe one day u could find ur true friend and she or he will always be with u!!!! I hope I helped!!!

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    Honey… HECK NO!! She is not being a true friend and showing you support. If she ain’t gonna talk to you out of school or even hang out with you at recess you need to tell she ain’t worthy of being ur friend. Like what a sucky friend. Also if you don’t want to hurt her feel goods just talk to her and let her know about your problems with her. If you ever have a problem with someone make sure to talk to THEM about it and don’t spread rumours, create gossip, or feel sorry for them.

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    Hm do you have her number? If yo don’t she would not be able to talk to u. If she does talk to her. She probably does not know she is hurting ur feelings. How would she know if you did not tell her? She is trying to make new friends when she leaves you, if you feel hurt ask her to stay with you one day at recess and lunch. Well she leaves you maybe should say hi to some kids you usually don’t talk to her and you can get new friends. Hoped I help. PS: sorry I’m late

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    tell her about how you are feeling and see how she reacts and then see if you should still be friends or not. I know what you are going through too because it is also happening to me so i will always be here for you. ❤️

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    She might not be a real friend. Ask her to do something after school and see what she says @thailani01

  • swirlygirl99
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    You should tell her how you feel and if she acts like Idc then she is not even a firend

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    My friend always leaves me at recess but sits with me at lunch. And she never talks to me out of school. Should I stay her friend?

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