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      Sorry for what I did than

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    Hello!!!Cheer up.My name is Eurecca and I love it when you told us about yourself.I don’t judge and I hate the person who judge!!!!I do love animals but I really afraid of stray dogs but I really feel sad when I think of how much they suffered.I really need some moral lessons from someone like you.I also have trouble talking to someone I don’t really close with.The way I talk isn’t the problem but I was just too scared if they judge .I have a huge crush on this guy but he doesn’t like me back .I have some advice for you (although I’m still single)I hope we can be friends!!!!😊😊😊😊😊

    • yield
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      I’m sorry that I am not perfect

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    I definitely will 🥰😘

  • xokelsi
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    I would love to be ur friend ❤️ I’m 9 turning 10 in 6 days and I also love animals. Anyways I am very accepting and am really always active on my phone so we would have lots of time to chat 🤪 xx

    • avaolsen10
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      I’m 8 I would love to be friends with you

  • dogwhisperer11
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    I need a bff that is willing to talk with me pretty offten. Having some life troubles just want someone who doesn’t judge and Will just talk and be a friend. I absolutely love all animals. I have a major reputation of animal whisperer we want in a field trip to the pound and there was this super aggressive dog there that no one could get near to even feed I walked up to the cage and asked the employee for the dogs bowl of food they handed it to me and told me not to go near the dog. I did it anyway. Everyone seemed scared and nervous but I wasn’t i know that dogs just want love and a leader so I opened the kennel and walked in the dog just walked up to me and started cuddling and rubbing against me then he ate some food from my hand and from them on i was dog whispered I’ve always felt a special connection with animals that no one else seems to have. Moral is I love animals. But people aren’t my strong point. I go all weird when I try to talk to anyone important, have trouble connecting with friends, and need some advice on boys and friends. I need a loyal friend who talks and is able to help me. Please I’m desperate it’s so hard for me to talk to my mom i avoid it in fact. Help I need a friend I feel lost.
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