My best friend has been rude lately

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  • laylamichelle
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    Well I would try to talk to her about, but if she is anything like kids from my school. Try and find a new person to hang with. Maybe tell a teacher or parent if she starts giving u a hard time xx

  • caticorn
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    Omg this happened to me recently too not exactly the same but it happen. I’d say you need a new bff but first you might want to have a conversation telling her she hurt you and wait a few days and if it gets better then it’s all good if not, Move on!

  • hazel5
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    You need to find a new bf as she sounds toxic!! @jane616

  • username4357
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    U should get new friends. A true friend wouldn’t do that!

  • bookhugger45
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    Get. New. Friends it may be hard but you don’t deserve that.

  • moxxo
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    @Jane616i feel u shouldnt keep this girl as one of our close friends, because she sounds strange, and unreliable. also its weird that she hit you? do u have other close friends? 😊

  • lexiahayden
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    I think you should hang out with nicer friends😊 It’s okay to still talk to her but keep your distance and don’t rely on her. She doesn’t sound like someone you could trust 😬

  • jane616
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    Basically, she dosen’t take anything seriously. I told her that when she says things like “oof” in a serious situation I think she dosen’t care, she got mad. I called her out for it and she changed the subject immediately. Also previously she had lied, kept secrets, replaced me and my other best friend, bragged, hit me, and insulted people when she didn’t get her way. She is nice in other ways but I think I might need new friends. What do you think?

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