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    @hedgehogrule I have questions for you. Did you want him to hold your hand? How did you feel when he held your hand? If you wanted him to hold your hand, and it felt nice when he did, I’d say forget about what other people say. You like each other, and that’s it. Deaf or not is not an issue. You like each other, and that is all that matters…

    If the reason he wanted to hold your hand was because he was scared, and he felt that he was safe with you holding his hand, I’d say if you are comfortable with that, do it. Don’t worry about other people. You have the empathy that they don’t have, and I can only feel sorry for them.

    But if he wants to hold you hand because he likes you, I think you should only allow that if you like him too. Him being deaf doesn’t change the fact that he has a feeling for you. If you don’t like him that way, I’d say don’t hold his hand back, because that will just mislead him, and he will just be disappointed and sad in the end…

  • hazel5
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    Tell your friends to have some sympathy and not do this because you’re not liking it. Its actually very rude of them! @hedgehogsrule

    • hedgehogsrule
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      The thing is he doesn’t know that yet and it’s fine if he does it. it’s not his fault and plus he doesn’t know it like I said.

  • xxxlilyxxx
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    You need to ask people if girls and boys are able to be friends without being thought of as a couple

  • d_goldenrxses
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    Ok, first of all sis u gotta gurl up and correct them 👏 🗣second explain to them that he’s deaf ( trust me they’ll understand ) 😉

    • hedgehogsrule
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      They know he’s deaf because we are all in the same class

  • hedgehogsrule
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    Pls help me!!

  • hedgehogsrule
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    I have a friend and he is deaf but when he asks to hold my hand ppl thinks we are in love which isn’t true. What should I do?

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