Maybe I’m jealous?

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  • dashagurl
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    I’m sorry. I sometimes have BFF issues too. Tell her how you feel! (Btw, I also think that kids shouldn’t have really expensive iPhones. )

  • hooloo21
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    It’s okay. Your clearly going through a lot. Have you told her what she is making you feel? If not, totally tell her. Maybe she’ll stop making you feel like you may be jealous or not. I hope this helped and don’t be scared to tell your friend how you feel!

  • bookhugger45
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    Definitely you’re not alone

  • addsfave
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    So my best friend is a year younger than me. We’ve been together through and through, and she’s the best. But she always gets what she wants. Always. But I don’t think she’s trying to be mean or brag about it. Like once, I was traveling on Christmas, and I send her a text saying ‘I miss you so much! Merry Christmas boo! Love you!’ And she responds with ‘I GOT A CHROMEBOOK!!!’ And ignored everything in my last text. She did she was going to get the IPhone XR in June. I personally think that kids should maybe have smaller phones bc I think it’s just better and safer, and it doesn’t make them as spoiled. A few weeks later I told her that I didn’t think kids our age should have IPhone XR’s, and she nodded her head, but I could tell she didn’t agree with me. This summer her parents are renovating their house, which is going to cost a lot of money, but her birthday list is at least $300 worth of stuff. And whenever I mention something bad or annoying that’s happing in my life, she comes in and says stuff that makes it sound like I’m not as important. Like one time my dog had an infection and I told her over text, and she said ‘well my dogs feet have been hurting so much in the snow.’ I don’t know. She just seems kinda mean sometimes. But we’re still bffs. Anyone have any similar stories? Sorry for ranting.

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