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  • hazel5
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    @chochosiwa i can be your friend … I’m mostly online on the app!!

  • Anonymous
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    I can be your friend. I am 11

  • yield
    Post count: 230

    I can be your friend

  • hedgehogsrule
    Post count: 236

    I can I be yr friend I’m 9

  • kylee_jene
    Post count: 15

    Yes I would love that I’m 11 about to turn 12 I would be very comfortable because it would make me feel good and I hope it would to you too

  • michaelamosley88
    Post count: 8

    im 9 i just joined can we be bffs

  • itssofieee
    Post count: 16

    I’m 11 and almost 12, maybe we can be friends?

  • yield
    Post count: 230

    Can we be friends because I have no friends 😥🙃😭

  • jadelavender
    Post count: 30

    Hey! I’m 12 and I would love to have an Ibf too!

    • chochosiwa
      Post count: 37

      Hey I just got back on this app I’m about to turn 11 in October we can be ibf check out my next post after this so we can get in contact! 😊

  • chloeelizabeth0126
    Post count: 20

    I’m 9.

  • sisterplease
    Post count: 18

    I’m 11 and can connect to a lot of people if you ever need me you have me 😘

  • xokelsi
    Post count: 21

    I’m 9 we can be friends ❤️

  • noleen
    Post count: 11

    I am 10 so I will be your friend

  • quewina
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    im 11 i can be your friend

  • carter268
    Post count: 13

    wait…actually i’m still 12 but turning 13 this year

  • carter268
    Post count: 13

    im 12,i’ll beyour friend if you want

  • queenairy
    Post count: 21

    I’ll be your friend

  • emil07
    Post count: 47

    I’ll be your freind I’m 11

  • thepup
    Post count: 47

    I will! I don’t have a lot of friends..😔 so it will be nice have a ibf.

  • neonpinkkk
    Post count: 101

    I’ll be your ibf! I am 11

  • mahathiu
    Post count: 288

    i am just 12 yesterday .., can i be/?

  • lovelyprincess123
    Post count: 72

    Me plz I’m 9 in a half and kind

  • xxxlilyxxx
    Post count: 46

    @chochosiwa can I please?????? It would be nice to be able to talk to ppl about everything without them going and telling everyone I know!! I am 10

  • xxxlilyxxx
    Post count: 46

    well I’m turning 11 in a month

  • chochosiwa
    Post count: 37

    Does anyone wanna be ibfs. (You have to be age 9-12 to be my ibf and you have to be comfortable with talking about personal stuff and we have to share every secret together ✌🏽👉🏽🤞🏽)

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