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    First of all, you don’t have to be friends with her just because she is friends with your bffs. Second of all, I agree with cawwy1212 because you shouldn’t be wasting your time on her

  • cawwy1212
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    @aspenthetree can u talk to her face to face? But maybe also just give her a space- she’s being a rude friend and you shouldn’t be wasting ur time on her right now. Hang out w other friends who treat you better

  • hazel5
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    Why dont you private message her and also let your bff know! Maybe she can help you sort this out by talking to that girl directly. This situation tells me that YOU dont make it awkward, that rude girl does. So relax ❤️❤️ Maybe also hang out with other girls @aspenthetree

  • aspenthetree
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    ok so one of my friends. hasn’t been paying attention or talking to me, I would just not be friends with her but she is friends with my bffs. So at lunch today I went to sit down and she said you can’t sit here people are already sitting here (there was no one there) so I sat down and then I decided to go sit with some other friends at the table next to them then at recess my friend who sat with my other”friend said that she said lest go outside I don’t want to be by her,later my. same bff today me that she says I make everything around her okward. I don’t know how to tell her that she needs to stop being rude what should I do.

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