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    Yes and that is how lost the most two special people in my life you need to find people who are not toxic

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    Yea but sooner or later you’ll find a better friend

  • Anonymous
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    @XdarkroseXx Same, but we were friends in 4th grade, but she ditched me and my friend to be with the “cool” kids. Then we became friends again in the 7th grade for about 1-2 months! She always asked me for math answers because she never got her dang math done! Then after my friend moved away she stopped talking to me and tried to steal my new best friend! When I told her I was switching schools she didn’t throw a party for me like we did for Elora. It’s sad how you think their your friend, but they hate you, use you, copy homework, and don’t care about you. 😕 😔

  • xdarkrosex
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    Currently going through a break up with my best friend of over 13 years💔 just found out she used me and decided to talk about me

  • elfsia
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    don’t even get me started about this lol

  • elisabeth-snook
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    Yea it sucks…but she wasn’t a true friend.

  • galacticnarwhal16
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    Several times, but I’ve learned to be careful with my relationships and trust no one with my feelings. 😢

  • smartygal
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    Yes and it’s very upsetting when you realize that. That’s not a real friend. Real friends don’t do that to you! 😊

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    Have you had a back stabbing friend

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