Bff trouble

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  • itmebrooklyn
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    Do not be friends with her if u could not talk with other people and find someone u feel happy with or u dont have to trust anybody

  • aubrey
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    well i think you should tell her that sometimes you can sit by her and sometimes by other friends .

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    She is sad she will lose you but people have the right to be friends with other people! Tell her about the situation she is always going to want to hear what you want to say! @llamacorn you are creative and you have to do something to stop this love ❤️ @itsjustyourgirl

  • mahathiu
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    hey… i agree with @kamya_elaine… friend too did like that

  • llamacorn
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  • kamyah_elaine
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    Invite her to sit with the people you would like to sit with, and if she doesn’t let you, she’s jealous and is afraid that they will “take you away from her”

  • llamacorn
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    I have a BFF but when ever I try to sit with another girl she pulls me away.i tell her I can sit with other people.what should I do?

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