What kind of business or product would you like to create?

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  • fatimasimple
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    i would love a clothing boutique

  • gracegriffin
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    There are lots of business to starts, and in fact being a woman the opportunity is very vast without exception when it comes to business. But all you have to have is dedication, strength, patience and faith. And whenever you have a chosen business of your choice, I suggest now to focus on branding or naming your business as it is very important and it really matters specially if you play among large competitors.

  • hazel5
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    Bakery!! Cupcakes!!

  • Anonymous
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    I’d like to write books and also comic books!

  • zooeydog
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    I would love to start a flower business where I grow my own flowers and sell them! @harliegirl22

  • caraboo11
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    I would start a cake decorating business/bakery.

  • creativegirl312
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    Actually I wanted to start a website just like this but for girls ages teens through twentie-somethings. I landed on this website and was excited to see that they have one for younger girls already. Now it’s just time for me to do it for the age group I’d like to target. If there are any girls here who are growing out of the tween/teen category and would like to move with me to a teen/twentie site just like this (no politics or inappropriate conversations allowed) then message me! I’m looking specifically for girls who can code, design, write, photograph, etc. – basically do anything and just want to start something fun. Sorry – no pay involved. Just creating a safe community for the next stage in life. If you’re with me, shout HOORAY!

    • harliegirl22
      Post count: 27

      Sounds like a great idea! Go for it!

    • paris_
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      Hey, @creativegirl312
      So I actually have a blog of my own where I post a bunch of stuff. I’ve always wanted to do exactly what you do. Since I have a blog I have experience with that stuff. I would love to help you with starting a website. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world through girls. Just let me know if I can help.

  • harliegirl22
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    I’d love to start an app company and create really cool apps that are fun to use and helpful! ?

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