Bamboo straw and spork set

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    That is so cool!

  • thereallilly
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    Yes I do! I will get a picture put up so you can see@

  • thereallilly
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    Hi there yes I do! I will see if I can post a picture of the set! It’s a spork, 2 bamboo straws and a straw cleaner!

  • thereallilly
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    Hi Rick and I are on the same jury for a poster competition! We wrote to him and mum had some messages with his dad! I am on face book twitter and Instagram as Lilly’s Plastic Pickup. I think we are connected on IG thanks for the tip!

  • khloekares
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    I think that’s awesome. And we really need to take care of our environment. You should try to connect with my friend Ryan Hickman. He has recycling business in California. Try to connect through Instagram and his Instagram account is Ryan’s recycling.

  • blakeyrakey
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    @Thereallillythe so awesome!!! do you sell your prpducts?

  • thereallilly
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    Hello i am and thought i would say Hi! I pickup plastic and through my initative Lillys Plastic Pickup i became.Youth ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Helping encourage people to refuse single use plastic like straws, plastic cutlery is Plastic never goes away.and is bad.for animals and the environment. Bamboo is sustainable and reuseable so i.put together a.straw and spork set that people can take with them whereever they go and can always refuse.singleuse.plastic. The set has two.straws, a straw cleaner and a spork!

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