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  • justinigirl
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    Just saw Black Panther. So good! The story is great and special effect unbelievable!! @fluffie.bubblez3

    • Anonymous
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      Awwww I wanna see it soooooooooo baaaddd

  • samirajothish
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    avengers infinity war

  • renad123
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    @fluffie.bubblez3 house of ghosts🙄

    • renad123
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      Ghost house, sorry @fluffie.bubblez3

  • hazel5
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    @paris_ I read your post about it and I am excited to watch it!! That was a very good, short and to the point review! Tell me more like the greatest showman!

  • paris_
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    So far I’ve seen The Greatest Showman. Have to say it is such a good movie and I love it so much! I also always look forward to Disney’s live action movies, they are so good. Check out my post on MissO to see more about The Greatest Showman.

  • kittycatz101
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  • Anonymous
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    2018 has a lot of new movies coming out! Mostly remakes and sequels like Incredibles 2. What are you girls excited for? What have you seen?

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