what is your favrite dance style?

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  • caraboo11
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    Ballet and/or African dance

  • zaynxelizabeth93
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    Hip hop

  • hazel5
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  • moxxo
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    have you ever studied “Pushto” dance. look into it. its so beautiful and gracefully performed! I love it

  • charlotedolphinwong
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    I do hip hop it’s my favourite!!

  • oliviabff
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    I love to do
    Ballet (especially en pointe, I love my pointe shoes)
    Tap (I love the sound)
    Modern jazz (I love the leaps and jumps)
    I just LOVE to DANCE.

  • dancelavendar100
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    i love jazz and ballet!

  • admin-2
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    I don’t like to dance myself, but going to the opera is fun.

  • nottyhoor
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