Do you like to dance? What types do you do? How long have you been in dance? How often do you do dance? Where do you dance? Whats your absolute favorite type of dance?

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  • luvdance621
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    I love dancing!!! I take hip-hop and jazz and I’ve danced for 3 years. I usually dance at the studio 2 times a week sometimes more. My fave type of dance is probely jazz

  • gamechanger
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    Wow! That’s epic! You must be an amazing dancer!

  • gamechanger
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    I absolutely love to dance. I mostly do ballet; it’s my passion. But I also love a little jazz and modern. I grew up doing ballet, jazz and tap! I’ve been dancing since I was 3, and I’ll be dancing again in college next year! I used to dance with American Ballet Theater in New York City! And Ballet is my absolute favorite type of dance

  • admin-2
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    I dance for fun. I like classic dance, ballroom dancing [to watch], and ballet.

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