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  • kindnesscounts
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    I am self-taught and I also like singing! 🙂

  • tidadonuts9
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    I love dancing but I only did it at home because I was to scared to do it in Public

  • srozee
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    I think dance can not only be a hobby but a lifestyle if you join it

  • bookdragon1234
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    @CathyJ.j I have a lot of anxiety and was afraid to try dance. I faced my fears and tried it recently! It’s so worth it!

  • abby_joy
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    i do ballet and tap and i teach myself gymnastics i say just try it maybe you can a a k if you can try it for a day i go to a christian dance school that ive been in for 6 years my 6th recital is acually this friday and saturday

  • itskyerak
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    I do ballet, jazz,tap and lyrical.
    If it is something that you want to try and do… go for it, you will go and learn the more you do it the better you get at it. It is never too late to start something new.

  • cathyj-j
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    Anyone do dance? if so what is it like i have always wanted to do it but i was to afraid.

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