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  • giadatalks
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    You will end up loving it

  • rooftopgurl
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    @Smiler105 I couldn’t of put it better my self! That’s right @daughtersister be u and someone will find u 😘

  • smartygal
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    Be confident! 💪🏼 Believe in yourself! Know that you are a wonderful person and will be a great friend to someone. 👭@daughtersister. You will be fine!!

  • Anonymous
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    Have courage and be nice to others. People will come up to you. I finished my year of 8th grade at a new school in January, but I did make 2 friends. I mostly just talk to the girls. I wish you luck! @daughtersister

  • daughtersister
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    I am really nevouse about school I’m going to a new school for 8th grade and I won’t know anyone I feel like I going to embarrass myself and not get any friends

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