One of my favorite relatives died yesterday.

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    You loved her so much it seemed. Whenever you cook, think of her and work harder at that. Whenever play games, try to win for her. Talk about her and what she taught you. Use her as a inspiration for everything you do!

  • singingbeast3
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    Oh no… Thats sad. I can kind of relate. My great grandma has dimentia and just got diagnosed with cancer.

  • hedgehogsrule
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    Omg that is sad hope you feel better!

  • hazel5
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    Hey!! Lots of prayers and love for you and your family. I understand its a tough time but stay strong! It is indeed sad but stay strong shes in a better place!! ❤️❤️❤️ @maentdoodle

  • moxxo
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    @maentdoodle i am so sorry for ur loss! i hope u feel better! its a good idea to do sth in her honor if u feel it ll make u better, maybe hold a small ceremony in ur house, where all the family members can gather and just talk about ur great grandmother. 💜 sending love fr here

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  • meganstorms
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    @maentdoodle I’m so sorry! All you can do is remember the amazing times with her and all the fun and know that one day you’ll see her again! My sympathies and prayers go out to you and your family!!!!💞❤️

  • maentdoodle
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    Thanks for your kind words. I’m really sad but I know the worst thing I can do is just let it take over me. I’m thinking about doing something in her honor, I don’t know what, though. Thanks again for your kind words, though!

  • juliette_missostaff
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    @maentdoodle I’m so sorry!! I’ve had great grandparents and grand parents die too and it’s really sad. But I’m sure she lived a really long and amazing life and u have all the amazing memories of her. I found journaling really helped me to process my feelings. Sending you a big hug and lots of love

  • maentdoodle
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    I just found out my Great Grandmother died, and I was really close to her. We’d always play games and talk, cook, and now I can never do that with her again. My family lives in a different state than her, and my mom went to visit her but I didn’t because of school and I’m never going to see her again. I’m really sad.

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