The cake

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  • hazel5
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    Omg! Make the same cake twice before her wedding with the same ingredients and same quantity etc @aprincesslynn so you dont mess up at her wedding ❤️❤️❤️

  • moxxo
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    @aprincesslynn wowww thats very ambitious! try practiicng loads first and then pitch this idea to ur sister !!💕

  • caticorn
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    How about make another cake and let her try it! I bet she will be in awe and want one for her wedding! Hope it works!

  • queenijustini
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    Just keep baking and trying new things. If you make a cake she loves then she may want you to make it for her wedding!! Sounds like you’re on to something BIG!!! @aprincesslynn

  • annaw25
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    Wow that sounds good 😏😍😂🍰

  • queenhicks
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    that. sounds. amazing

  • giadatalks
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    Make more cakes and send her pictures her show her them and prove u can be the person to make and decorate the cake! Hope I helped! Update me!

  • aprincesslynn
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    So, yesterday I made a cake it was a white silver align almond cake with pink butter cream frosting. And let me tell you, it tasted amazing and I want my sister to let me make one for her wedding but I have to prove myself any ideas??

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