i need help

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    If you’re only just starting out try cooking some meal kits or frozen foods! They almost always have step-by-step directions for how hot and how long to cook it at. Once you get an idea of how long to cook things from those you can move on to making things on your own. Good luck!

  • moxxo
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    @emil07 hii, i agree with everyone here. simpler is hetter. start with basics,and make sth like every week! that way u ll be an expert in no time 😊 u can also look up some if the recipes posted on MissoO they r pretty easy, even an amateur like me can make them so I am sure they ll be a good warmup start for u 😊

  • girlintrouble
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    I would recommend watching some cooking shows for beginners etc (no Gordon Ramsay flàmbe-ing anything!) maybe try cookies or something simple and then cupcakes etc. I did a one day cookery course which was around €150 which you can save for or ask for it for Christmas/birthday. I found it very helpful as you get tips and knowledge as well as experience. Look for “hands on” as you get to cook in those ones rather than watch someone else cook. As for cooking (savoury) I recommend fish cakes or potato cakes as you make the mixture and then fry them in a pan. Or try bruschetta with ciabatta, diced tomato in a simple dressing, salad leaves etc. Practise makes perfect!! Tell me how it goes and good luck!

  • giadatalks
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    Yes! If you have a older sibling ask them to help you. Find a recipe and make it together. If you don’t ask a parent to help. Before you know it you will be on ur own. Definitely start with a trusted older sibling/parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt etc. hope I helped

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    Hi Emil07!
    I have a had some experience with baking. Start by mastering making anything with a box mix. When you are ready, start making simple treats without the box. Like a popsicle or a sandwhich without roasting. Soon you’ll evolve! Baking and cooking takes time! You could also watch simple cooking and baking videos off the internet. I hope this helps,

  • j04n4
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    Well I started to make crepes and they’re so easy.. Maybe to get started you can try and make them

    • hazel5
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      Omg yeah crepes and pancakes actually have an easy recipe. Why dont you try that too? @j04n4

    • emil07
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      thank u

  • emil07
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    hi I would like to start cooking but I’m not very good at It I can not even make grilled cheese bit I can make eggs toast box made brownies and advise to start cooking better

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