Delicious cold soup for the summer

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  • justinigirl
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    That seems so simple!! I’m gonna try it this weekend! @mimievs9

  • dapikster
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    @mimievs9 that sounds like a soup I’ve had I’ll have to try it

  • hazel5
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    But what is this recipe about? Have you tried it? Sounds healthy but not sure about the taste. Is it good? @mimievs9

  • justinigirl
    Post count: 192

    Sounds delicious @mimievs9 gonna have to try this!

  • mimievs9
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    Here’s what you need :

    Olive oil (there’s not really a exact measuring for anything on the list exept the roast peppers I just put in as much as I think is good)

    1 roast pepper

    Now all you do is throw everything into the blender and wait until it’s soup!

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