Cheerleading #advice

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  • anaya-coffee
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    If u are a flyer u need to be flexible and it’s always good to be a bit flexible 💪🏾

  • hazel5
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    I’m not at all flexible even though i took yoga classes @htx._lea but i think it needs alottt of practice!

  • nataliepaula
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    No, I am not flexible either but if you have confidence and you do what you’re told you might just reach the flexibility stage! I am also a cheerleader!

  • rainbowmacaroon
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    Hey @htx._lea I cheer and I am flexible and can do splits and backhand springs and tucks. But a lot of hits on my squad can’t do a cartwheel or split. So I guess you don’t always have to be.

  • htx-_lea
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    Do you always have to be really flexible to be able to do cheer? I want to do cheer but I don’t know I’m not that flexible tho

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