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    I don’t cheer but this advice is great @kamkam_305!

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    Hey guys! All star cheer tryouts are coming up and I want to give out tips and tricks to make the team you want

    Tip 1- Get to know the coaches of that team. Once they know you, they might like you and want you on their team!
    Tip 2- PRACTICE AT HOME!! It can help you move up levels so you can be on the team you want to be on.
    Tip 3- Go to classes! This helps the coaches get to knowyou better and have an idea on where you will be.
    Tip 4- Go to clinics to prepare for tryouts! This can give the coaches an idea on what team you might make and helps you prepare for the tryouts
    Tip 5- BE YOURSELF!! This is so important! There was a girl on my friend’s team who acted cool and guess what!? She had no friends and didn’t enjoy it, so she quit!

    Have any questions? Leave them down below❤️

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