Cheer Squad

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    Isn’t it mean to kick them out tho? See you can never fully get rid of it it’s always gonna happen. You can lessen it by maybe telling a teacher or parent and trying to be nice to the bully.

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    🙂 Yay thanks for joiningthe club!!

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    That is the meanest thing I ever heard. I can’t believe 5 th Fraser girls bullies a 2nd grade girl. That’s horrible!! I’ll join your club! Maybe you can empower other girls in the bullying group here too! @cutekawaiipanda103

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    I’ve been doing cheer for almost 7 years. I’m 11 and I started cheer when I was 5 so that is 6 years. My sister Jessica is awesome at cartwheels and everything but like people they usually just use. Her for stuff. Like slime, and gymnastics, and to be cool. My BFFs Chloe and Ashley 💗 my sis but sometimes When it comes to cheer my sis is not the best. Last year when I was in grade 5 and she was in grade 2 she was getting bullied by a huge gang of girls that they call them selves the Shimmering stars. They would kick her and twist her and pull her hair. They were in grade 5 like me then. My sister would cry after school because of them My BFFs Ashley and Chloe were their Ex-BFFs. They befriended them by saying they weren’t good enough for them and pushed them away. Jessica was always a tough cookie. But once The group of Bullies even gave her a scar! She still has it right on her ankle. I know this story is long but bullying is hard to end. I know many many many people wanna end it but. There’s no such thing. I want to end bullying too. So I sent out a ANTI-BULLYING Girls Club. No bullies if anyone bullies another they are kicked out. Join today! Just reply 🤩 or 😻 and you joined the club.

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