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  • cass_mallory-13
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    Look up different techniques on YouTube!! That’s how I learned my splits!! 🙃🙃

  • mini-cheercat-2
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    i dont have a coach or an instructor,

  • gracieboobear
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    I am a contortionist a self learned one and ever day lunges stretch and healthy diet you can’t sneak a little cupcake you need commitment to it and work hard everyday

  • liv_carr
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    1) do compression lifts for middle splits these are a life saver. 2) touch your toes but think of going up and over. 3) lunges build muscle and help the flexibility 4) stretching splits 5) putting your leg on a counter or something high enough and bending over hope this helps

  • lolanna15
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    here are some tricks
    1. get a massage
    2. relax
    3. learn to breath properly
    4. drink a lot of fluids

  • kayluv
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    just stretch and work out everyday. sometimes, it’s abt not having the strength to do it just try and try again

  • hooloo21
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    Practice! I’ve been trying to get my back walkover for ever and I’ve finally got it!! All I had to do was listen to my teacher, practice, and stretch a lot!

  • kamkam_305
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    All you have to do is just stretch every day! After stretching for a few weeks, you will see improvement❤️❤️

    • hazel5
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      I’m unable to do the butterfly yoga pose and ive being trying since a year. So I personally feel its not about practice 😢😢 @kamkam_305

      • kamkam_305
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        Push yourself! Try harder and be determined! Believe in yourself. Doing that plus stretching will make improvements. It could be you are not ready for it yet. I have been trying to get my ariel for almost 2 years!!

  • mergenda
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    Hey! why don’t you ask your coach or instructor about some exercised that will help you become more flexible?

  • mini-cheercat-2
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    do you know how to become more flexible fast?

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