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  • cass_mallory-13
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    Practice practice practice!!! And never give up!! 💙💙

  • princessxya
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    My name is Xya and I want to join a cheer team any tips?

  • jolieeee
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    @_sunny_ thanks for the advice!

  • _sunny_
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    I suggest you take tumbling classes and you need to be able to pick up choreography quickly

  • hazel5
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    Thats some good advice @kamkam_305 !!

  • prinxess_s
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    Keep focus, don’t worry what other people say, and have fun,

  • hannahgracebeyoutiful
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    I just made my first team. idk exactly how I made it but I do gymnastics to so the more active you are is probably good 💕

  • rainbowmacaroon
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    Take a tumbling class! I took one before tryouts and it really helped!

  • kamkam_305
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    I’m a cheerleader myself. The hard part is learning how to stunt. Maybe take a stunting class on how to stunt and do new skills. Jumps are quite east, it is pike, toe touch, t jump and another i don’t remember the name of it. And tumbling they can make a big deal out of! Practice at home with a mat, youtube videos can help you a lot along with wikihow. I hope these tips help you with makinf the team!!

  • jolieeee
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    hi my name is jolie. i want to start cheer! any tips on how to make a team?

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