Be a Cheerleader

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  • kamkam_305
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    You don’t need splits to do cheer. I don’t have mine and I made it!! If you want to have one, just stretch each day!

  • jolieeee
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    just make sure to stretch everyday and practice doing your splits everyday and you’ll eventually get it 💗

  • rooftopgurl
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    SAAAAAAME!!!!! When I was younger I did gymnastics and I wasn’t very good. Now I want to be a gymnast but I just don’t have the body fot it! I found new activities that I love!

  • isabibi1718
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    Me too!

  • lashley
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    I’m a allstar cheerleader and I’m not able to do a split but I have other skills that I can bring to my team. I’m a base and the flexible ones are flyers!!

  • mini-cheercat-2
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    if you keep trying,then you can do it!

  • itzkanasia
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    keep on trying

  • ihatephilosophy
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    Don’t feel bad about it! I can’t even do a cartwheel! Or a pushup. Or touch my toes. Or even stand for more than, like, 5 minutes. Wow.

    Just be proud of what you can do!

  • wmaple123
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    Im NOT flexible. I can’t do any tricks… not even the splits. You’re not alone!!!

  • zooeydog
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  • presleyelise
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    Definitely 😊💜 never give up it just takes time

  • zooeydog
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    Thanks for your advice!! I’ll have to keep 🙆‍♀️ stretching!

  • presleyelise
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  • izzybella
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    @kenziexoxo27. Did you see @presleyelise advice here about splits. Might help 😊

  • presleyelise
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    Haha yes it does and it’s never came easy for me for sure I have to stretch every single day sometimes multiple times a day to keep@flexibility

  • izzybella
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    I bet it does take a lot of stretching. Although some girls can do it so easily! Not me! 😁 I prefer to be a spectator! 😂

  • presleyelise
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    It takes lots of consistency in stretching never push yourself to far.. stretching daily at what’s a comfortable level for you in key you can pull muscles and stuff and they take forever to heal😩💓

  • hazel5
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    I agree with @drawwithmalik completely!! Shes so right!

  • kyleew
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    I am trying out for cheer tomorrow and i cant do the splits but you just have to stretch and practice carefully. Day by day you can try to go a bit farther just dont hurt yourself. I suggest drinking alot of water, stretch before and after you do anything cheer related and dont push yourself too hard. Hope this helped 🙂

  • kenziexoxo27
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    when i was littler i satred cheer i was in the 1st grade still to this day i cant do them all the way down. just stretch

  • drawwithmalik
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    I use to be a cheerleader but I could never do splits. My mom could and she said it takes a lot of stretching that will loosen you up to do a split. So I wouldn’t force yourself into it. That’s very painful.

  • zooeydog
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    I always wanted to be a cheerleader but I could never do a split! 🙁 Does anyone else have that problem too?

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