What do I do

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  • hazel5
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    @aylawakefield09 thats so sad!! But you should definitely tell a teacher asapp

  • bookhugger45
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    I got this from a song if they say you look bad ask them why they are staring.

  • lexiahayden
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    You can act like you don’t really care and ignore them. If they see that you aren’t bothered by their comments they might stop

  • bront
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    Try to become friends with them so you can become popular with them. But don’t change yourself to become friends with them.

  • haley5207
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    well if they call you ugly just say look at your self

  • emygalixy
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    First of all um my mom said that they like you because some times they take violence to cover up that they do like you so just uh…i ran out of stuff to say

  • aylawakefield09
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    Uhh i am very unpopular in my class therefore I get bullied@and blamed for everything I don’t just get bullied by girls but boys to what do I do can you girls help me come up with some catchy comebacks to burn that trash called bullying #bullyingiswrong #standupforyourselfandothers.
    Together as a planet we can put a end to bullying #F.L.Y

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