The bully bus

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  • bront
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    Don’t listen to them, they only bully you to get a reaction from don’t give it to them. Plus a lot of people wear glasses. Their are also contact lenses.

  • alyza
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    hi, you shouldnt listen to them at all. and if someone bothers you, you should let them know that you dont like it. itd necessary for you! i have been wearing glasses since i was 12. i have a really cool purple pair of prescription glasses and i absolutely love them. i always go for something funky and stylish and it feels more like an accessory. may be you can do that too

  • kittygirl363
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    i am getting glasses. The only reason i don’t want them is because a bunch of kids on the bus call me Isaac kernel. but my real name is isabelle connell. i hate it. a lot. they are gping to start calling me a nerd and a weirdo. help me

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