Sad Day -_-

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  • hooloo21
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    She knows that grown people play with slime right. She’s just jelly bc she can’t make slime

  • asiadacreativedoggo
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    ..I’m in grade 7 and I play with slime.. LOL then I will be a newbie with you then! 😄😁😘

  • uni_isweird
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    I can totally relate! Ignore. She’s just wasting you’re time if it gets worse tell a parent

  • moxxo
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    @cutekawaiipanda103 well tell HER to grow up and to stop labelling stuff like she is a dictionary. tell her to show you “the rule book where it says slime is for third graders”! she need to mind her own business!🙄

  • jessicafluffyflamingo182
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    …… Oh hi Jade it’s me Jessica your sister hehehe 😝

  • teryer
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    @ CuteKawaiiPanda103 Do not mind her. If she says that slime is for kids at grade 3 tell her that slime is for all people. Tell her it is a free nation.

  • stormzroundkorner
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    Tell them to stop hating.say it’s more fun than sitting with a group of girls gossiping

  • Anonymous
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    First of all.. slime is amazing for everyone!! If she makes you nervous and all the tell a teacher. And she says she is mature lolololol sounds like she is in the 4th grade

  • hazel5
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    Ugh! Slime is for all ages. My sisters friends are 16+ and they still play with slime so thats so crazy of those girls to say that to you! They’re bullying you without any reasoon so i would suggest you report it to a teacher or a parent! @cutekawaiipanda103

  • taya39333
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    She’s not worth your time maybe put some headphones on and ignore her

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    Thanks for the advice. I won’t let them get my way. 😝

  • missoofficial
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    Ignore her. Sounds like she’s being a “mean girl”. You can play with slime at any age. Don’t tlet what they say to you get you upset. You are better than that!! @cutekawaiipanda103

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    So, these “girls” are basically like the meanest grade 7s ever!! im grade 6 and likd literallyi was just playing with slime with my friends and she just popped up and called us newbies and say we need to grow up. She said that slime is for grade 3s and said that when she was in grade 6 she was wayyyy more mature. I dont know what to do but im worried what should i do? she looks like shes really glam. She was legjt wearing a supreme sweater. i remember her friend called her Liz. What. should

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