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  • lovelyprincess123
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    Tell them that it’s not true if your crush believes the rumors he’s not good for you

  • justinigirl
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    Rumors are not true! They are hurtful for sure. Ignore them and know you are smart and intelligent 🤓. Remember this “Sticks and stones will break my bone but names will never hurt me!” @xxmaddiepxx

  • singingbeast3
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    I get that a lot. I once walked into the same wall 3 times in one day.

  • wmaple123
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    I have to agree with @iiikimmyx

  • iiikimmyx
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    I have been through this at my old school so you should go up to someone u trust so the person who spread the rumor could stop! 🙂 hope it helps a lot

  • lolanna15
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    You have to prove them wrong
    get on honer roll or answer a really hard question in class.

  • smartygal
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    That is so mean! Make sure you ignore these rumors. Any way you can find out who started them. I’m sure you are NOT dumb and scared. Don’t let name calling affect you. Believe in who you are and be bigger than those stupid rumors!! We love you! @xxmaddiepxx

  • moxxo
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    @xxmaddiepxx heyy why are these rumors spreading? did sth happen? also did u find out who is spreading them?? also dont worry about ur crush hearing them. even if he does he should be sensible enough to know that these arent truee! and if he finds it worrisome then he should confront you with them and ask u whats going on!💙

    • xxmaddiepxx
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      Hey thanks for the feedback❤️

  • xxmaddiepxx
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    So basically rumours are spreading that I’m dumb and stupid. I’m scared that my crush is going to find out idk what to do!!!

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