Pep talk

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  • tulipgirlnyc
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    Love your last line! SO TRUE

  • mutale_queen_musonda
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    You are an inspiration to me and evertone that reads your story.😊

  • holly2379
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    Don’t let people bring you down even though It May be hard. I used to get bullied when I was younger. I’m almost 14 now and it’s not as bad and since I go to an all military kid school this year it’s helped a lot. People used to tease me for my acne cause I started getting acne in 6th grade and everyone else’s faces were clear. People used to call me fat. I wasn’t fat and I knew that but I started believing that. Which wasn’t Healthy for my mental health, to believe that. Then I moved and right before 8th grade started I went to the doctors to get my sports physical and I gained 30 pounds since the last visit but it was cause I was stuck in a hotel for 3 months trying to get a house I lost almost 50 pounds since then. I feel a lot healthier now. I was never fat or over weight but it was cause all these other girls were superrrr skinny(it’s not bad to be super skinny just making that clear)and a lot shorter than me cause I’m 5 foot 10 and I’m almost 13 so yeah I’ll weigh alittle more than a girl that’s 5 foot 5 cause I wouldn’t look healthy. But since I lost weight I feel more confident with myself, and noticed I’m more confident in pictures. And just when im talking to people. But here’s the thing don’t let anyone tell you your less than perfect cause your amazing just they way you are!!

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