My Friends are bullying

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  • kittygirl363
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    if thats somthing that your freinds would do. than they are not your real freind

  • ddqueen
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    If your school has an anonymous comments system the. Say something about it there. If not try and give small comments that give hints that what’s going on is not correct.

  • noodle_owo
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    I’d speak up. If they’re bullying someone else, then they can’t be good people. If they come back to you afterwards, and get mad at you, then I’d say just leave them. But, it’s your own decision. Take your time! 🙂

  • zezegirl27
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    So I feel bad for this kid because my friends are bullying him but I’m too scared to do something I scared that my friends won’t like me anymore what should I do ?

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