I need some advice

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  • taya39333
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    Maybe try to stay away from her and if she keeps on being rude let someone know I am also in highschool and the same thing has happened to me.

  • giadatalks
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    Talk to a trusted adult, ignore her she is jealous and rude. She wants attention. Ignore her! Ur perfect the way u are. God makes everyone perfect

  • hedgehogsrule
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    In my opinion you should stand strong! Don’t listen to what she says at all. Trust me, I have been bullied a lot and I don’t like it. If this girl keeps bullying you tell an adult you trust.

  • lily_c123
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    So there is this girl in my school which I have known since year two but she has been rude to me and called me some stuff and we always get into arguments and most of the time I get the blame! I’m in high school now but she is still doing it! Should I leave her alone or say something to her or pretend that I like her as a friend cus that is what she thinks???? Xxxxx

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