How do you Stand Up?

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  • skybluesplash
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    @paris_ Some great ways to stand up to bullies are to try and have a chat to them. They might be bullies, you still gotta be kind and tactful 🤗 You can also tell a trusted adult who can help you out with the process! I personally haven’t been bullied before, but I have a close friend who has. We sorted it out by letting an adult know, looking after our friend and trying to talk to the bullies. Hope that helps! 💞

  • giadatalks
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    I would stop it. I have never got bullied and hope I never do!

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    I don’t really get bullied! But if I did I would stop 🛑 it immediately! I would report them! @paris_ this is a great 👍🏾 idea 💡

  • hazel5
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    Oh you got me worried @paris_
    Sure ill just mention @ you if i want to ask you for advice . U seem helpful ❤️❤️❤️

  • potato_cool
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    Just tell an adult or just say “ hey I don’t like what your doing so stop.”

  • paris_
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    Thank you all for the great advice! Just to specify I am not or was not being bullied. I just want a place for people who are dealing with bullying to get real advice. Again thank you all for the kind words. If anyone needs a place to talk I’m here to talk! – Paris🧡

  • radicalrye
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    Tell an adult you trust! You should always tell an adult right away before the situation gets any worse. Although it doesn’t sound like standing up to a bully it is! Sometimes the best thing to do is not standing up to them at all, depending on what is going on. But of course if i saw someone being bullied i would stand up to the bully and let them know that bullying is a big no no!Hope i helped you out @paris_!

  • hazel5
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    Speak up! Just dont stay quiet @paris_ and complain to an elder asap!

  • cheetahcat200
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    Just walk away from the situation, it would be easier than saying anything. If you just walk away, the person might just get so annoyed with it that he/she gives up.
    @paris_ I hope I helped you a little bit!

  • stormzroundkorner
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    Don’t care what people say walk away.or tell on them you can even make them mad.

  • stormzroundkorner
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    So I think you should actually walk away or you can tell them about there selves or you can also treat their lives.And be sarcastic.hope it helped.

  • moxxo
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    @paris_ well I would first ignore them, if that doesnt stop them from bullying, then I will confront the bullies with a group of other a last result I would just report them to the authority.

  • ruka47
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    I would walk away.It is better to stay away than cause trouble and drama.You should tell your parents.Dont care what anyone says.Just brush it off.Pretend they are talking to a wall, and your on the other side. Drama is seriously overrated. Drama starts in elementary school then middle school and high school! Drama is really immature.

  • munchie4104
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    I usually go up to that person that’s bullying me and ask them what’s there problem with me but if it’s real serious I usually tell my mom and she tells the principal of my school and they usually handle it.

    • zooeydog
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      Really good advice all! Bullies are basically insecure and are looking for someone to pick on. Know that you are so much better than them which is why they feel they can be mean too you. Ignore them and walk away. Any attention you give them back the more they will keep bullying you! ?

  • gmwbmw22
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    Bullying is seriously wrong!

    Usually, I go to an adult and tell them someone’s been bullying me…

    They usually take care of it by punishing the bully – which I love…

  • kash-the-glader
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    Well you first don’t let them walk all over you. Then you tell somebody. And lastly You use your voice.

  • paris_
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    Hey Girls,
    I was wondering how do you stand up to bullies? If you don’t stand up then how would you? Just wanted to know, anyway just leave a reply. 🙂

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