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  • pearljosling
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    My advice would be to do your best to ignore him and to keep holding your head up high and remember that this is one boy who’s being silly and weirdly enough has a problem with you. But everyone else loves you. This is ONE boy out of who knows how many people there are on this planet. Don’t let that one idiot get in your way! @chlochlokitten

  • donut37
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    That means he has a crush on u…. trust me it doesn’t feel that way but if it’s only you from a boy it most likely means he likes u…. ignore him he’ll start to feel upset and then maybe stop picking at u

  • drawwithmalik
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    i’ve heard of bollywood but never really got into it. Can you suggest songs that I can listen to?

  • missoofficial
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    That’s so great he moved away! Now you don’t have to stress over it! Isn’t funny how things have a way of working out 🏋️‍♀️ @chlochlokitten

  • lol_sienna
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    Tell your parents don’t bottle it up and hide it let them know they won’t be mad and maybe your parents can talk to your school about him 🙂

  • hazel5
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    OMG that is great news! What exactly did you do? @chlochlokitten

  • chlochlokitten
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    Guess what Cody move away YAAAAAYYYY

  • chlochlokitten
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    Thx so much u make a good friend 😊

  • rooftopgurl
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    It’s ok, I know how it feels. Just ignore him, don’t give a reaction. That’s what he wants. Tell a parent or something. You are special God Luvs u for who u are 😊

  • cuddlekitten
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    If a boy is mean to a girl, it does not mean that he likes her. It means that he was never taught that a person should be nice and respect everyone. Being mean is an UNACCEPTABLE behavior, and I would consider him a bully!!

    If a boy likes you, he should be kind and thoughtful and go out of his way to do nice things for you. And if he can’t then he is not worth your time, you deserve better. Love is not mean. Love is respect, kind, gentle, warm, comfortable.

    Speak up and set boundaries using a calm but clear voice, and polite firm words – not whiny and not aggressive. For example, “STOP! Please get out of my way. I just want to leave. Get out of my way. I just want to go!”

    I use Positive Self Talk and say something positive out loud to myself. For example, if someone says, “I don’t like you,” you can throw those words away in an imagined trash can and say, “I like myself.” If someone says, “You are stupid,” you can throw those words away and say, “I’m smart.” If someone says, “I don’t want to play with you,” then you can throw those words away and say, “I will find another friend.”

    If he is causing you so much emotional pain that it is manifesting as physically; like a headache, a belly ache or upset stomach, talk to your teacher immediately and tell them how you are feeling. (I agree with @hazel5 and @moxxo) Ask to see the guidance counselor who can give you more ways to fend off bullies and talk to your parents. They are always there for you.

    Sorry, this is long but I’ve been bullied a lot, and it’s just not right!!!!!! @chlochlokitten

  • giadatalks
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    Verbal. Ask to stop if not tell ur parents/ Gaurdian. If it physical tell counselor at school

  • lennylara
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    Honestly he probably likes you boys usually tend to bother you a lot and being mean when they like you It’s normal But if you feel like it is crossing the line way too much then ask him if he likes you and why he is bothering you so much and tell him to leave you alone

  • moxxo
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    @chlochlokitten what does he do? if he ohysically hurts u, goto a trusted adult IMMEDIATELY. pleasee 🙏💜

  • hazel5
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    What does he do? Girl, you don’t need to be scared of him at all. Stand up! Also, please let an adult know and report about this person asap ❤️ @chlochlokitten

  • smartygal
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    Ignore him and don’t let him think for an instance it bothers you! Talk to your parents or if it’s at school a teacher you trust. It’s his own insecurities to tear you like this, not you!! @chlochlokitten

  • lynlin
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    Why doeshe bully you? In what way?

  • madelyn23
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    Whatever mean things he says to you just walk away he’s just jealous of you!😁

  • chlochlokitten
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    I have a bully named Cody HES SO MEAN and like only to me plz plz help and tell me what to do

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