Crying uncontrollably

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  • liv_carr
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    That literally happened to me too! It still is happening but I find as hard as it is to ignore because I tried to be all nice but she didn’t respond and that made her happy that I was upset. Just act like nothing is wrong

  • sunflower_z
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    you should try to talk it out with her and if she doesnt stop, tell her parents or your trusted loved one/teacher

    • annafan_
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      Thank you! 💕💖❤️

  • annafan_
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    There’s this girl who really hates me. She has been bothering me since this drama started, and yesterday at lunch she came over and acted like I didn’t exsist while she was just casually talking with my friends. Before that I had been crying a little bit, because I was overwhelmed and upset. When she was acting like I wasn’t there, I started crying uncontrollably I couldn’t help it.

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