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    Well what do u define bullying ? If the bully is just teasing and name calling, them u have to get used to it, tell a teacher or a trusted adult and stand up for yourself. Don’t let the bully’s get u down. Let all that negativity bounce right if u. I can’t hurt u unless u let it. You have a few options. Ignore or give in. It’s your choice what u do. Whatever u decided though, there will be consequences. Pros and cons, so decided wisely.

    Bully’s only billy when they r hurt them self’s. It may feel like they r out to get you, but most of the time, the bully is hurt to. Maybe the bully is going through family issues, maybe someone he/ she lived died. You don’t KNOW. So this bully who is swearing and taking his angry out of u has no right to do this so u should respect yourself and tell an adults, but the bully people had there own problems to deal with to.

    I am know in 6th grade ( year 7) and my best friend used to be the biggest bully at our school. Later on, we found out her parents were going through a divorce. She was scared, angry and alone. So one day my dad told me to go talk to her, she burst out crying and told my everything. The good, but mostly the bad. Now we are BFFs .So give this bully a chance, try to be sympathetic. Though this bully as hurt u and I’m sure the bully as hurt some of your friends. Try to be understand. The next time u see this bully. Walk up to the bully and give the bully a hug. Trust me, u will see tears in the bully’s eyes.

    But don’t stop sticking up for yourself!! Tell a trusted adults if the bully doesn’t stop. Practise in the mirror saying “ Stop, I don’t like that” in a calm voice. If this starts getting out of hand tell the principle and your parents. If u can’t mentally cope, ask your parents if u could talk to the school councillor.

    Though I really think u would benefit by taking to your parents.

    If u ever need any advise about anything ever, feel free to friend me. My name is Layla and I am 11 years old

    Hope the bully in the future becomes your friend xx

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    OhGod how irritating and rude!!! @caticorn ignore him and try not ti be friends with him at all

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    You need to ignore him and tell him to stop. All of us are here for you

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    This boy in my class bullied me yesterday, at gym we were playing a game and we lost but I didn’t care about that it was just a game but I was guarding and I missed the person then he said that we suck which was not nice so I told the teacher. But before any of that happened I was telling him something and he called me a really bad word. I’m still in a bad mood about it… any advice?

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