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  • theonlyallycarr
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    You need to ignore him and tell him to stop. All of us are here for you

    • unicorng
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      caticorn we are all here for u and u tell a teacher if he doesnt stop and if u want to go talk to him bring a friend just in case something happens:)

    • caticorn
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      @theonlyallycarr thank you sooo much!

  • caticorn
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    This boy in my class bullied me yesterday, at gym we were playing a game and we lost but I didn’t care about that it was just a game but I was guarding and I missed the person then he said that we suck which was not nice so I told the teacher. But before any of that happened I was telling him something and he called me a really bad word. I’m still in a bad mood about it… any advice?

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