Being forced to bully others 😔

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  • lynlin
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    how many and just learn self defense and mabey ask if they have suvailence fotage or something to prove what you tell them or other students

  • itsjustyourgirl
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    Ask someone to film what they do! Tell the boy your sorry 😧! Don’t tell the teacher or they would catch you! Tell your mom! I think you may be able to sue them! Try to act like your talking to someone so the mean girls don’t say it in front of the person your talking to! This is not ok at all! Tell all there moms so they know!

  • bront
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    Tell someone you trust, a teacher parent, and tell them that you are being threatened and taking the blame. Also don’t be a bystander against bullying.

  • chloeelizabeth0126
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    Tell everyone the truth but if they don’t believe you keep on trying. Apologize to the boy. Tell him what really happened. And then stand up to those girls.

  • itzmeops
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    Tell them that you don’t want to take part in their bullying and that if they try to bully you,you will make sure to tell an adult or if it comes to physical bullying fight them!!!

  • ddqueen
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    Idk know how I got to where I am in the first place but it all started out when I started hanging out with the “popular” girls in my year.

    There is this boy in my class and he is quite small and shy so the popular girls always bully him. They call him names and shove him on purpose then say he should watch where he is going. They have been doing nasty things like that since the beginning of the year but no one has had the guts to say anything about it because they are popular.

    When I started hanging out with them whenever we walked past him the rest of the girls would do what they always did and I would have to stay there and watch without doing anything about it.
    Over the past week they have started saying that I should say mean things to him and push him like they did. I had no choice cause I am in fear of being bullied by them.
    It started of with just a few names but now they are making me pull his hair or shove him.

    Another girl in my year saw this going on and told the teacher about it. The boy that was being bullied said that he was being bullied by the popular girls including me. They all turned there back on me and told the teacher that I was the only one bullying him and that they were in fear of me . Once we left the room the popular girl told me that I should keep my mouth shut and take the blame or else they would bully me. At first I got of with a warning with the teacher.

    The same thing has been happening and we still go to the teacher everyday and every day I take the blame and everyday the threats become worse. It started of with threats of bad name but now the threats are things like how they would make my life hell or that they would ruin my hair of hit me.
    It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to go to school. When I do go I physically hide from them for my own safety.
    When/if they find me the threats become worse and I end up still having to bully the boy . Now it’s worse than what they did before and they sit and watch while I do there dirty work.
    There has never been a time where they actually say or do something for me but the constant fear is playing in my head.

    I don’t know what to do or who to talk to because everyone believes that I’m a bully .

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