Being bullied at school

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  • rooftopgurl
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    I know it’s hard, but don’t believe any of it. Tell a parent or teacher, is not tattling! God loves you for who u r and you are special. Think about that 😉

  • natalyisbored
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    so true

  • natalyisbored
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    sweetheart, i have been through this route many many times before. I’m nearly 16 bbg, and let me tell ya. the pain you are feeling from them only gets worse. try being nice to them or try to be yourself and show them that you don’t need to try to have friends. remember that you are strong and beautiful

  • lennylara
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    First of all you are worth everything don’t let anyone bring you down when a person bullies is because they are insecure and they feel the need to bully someone else to make them feel how they feel , a bully can be an ex friend, a person who you don’t know, someone popular, and believe it or not family too…when someone teases you stand up for your self at all times even if your nice use that and kill them with kindness that’s one good comeback if you do t feel like telling and adult talk to your friends and ask them for help and if they don’t defend you honestly leave them alone they just show you they don’t care about you and trust me you don’t need friends … but listen defend your self at all times and laugh if someone bullies you

  • cherry4444
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    What I’ve learned when I was being bullied, is never let anyone get to you like that. I’ve been in your position so if anyone could understand, it’s me. Just look them in the eye and tell them to leave you alone. All you gotta do is walk down the halls with confidence. If people are talking behind your back, it’s because your ahead of them 🙂

  • smartygal
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    How did it make it worse? @baileyabad ? Maybe it was not the right adult. You need someone who can help you get through this and not be someone who is trying to get in the middle of it. Maybe a school counselor vs a parent might be an alternative. They can be more objective of the situation.

  • skybluesplash
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    @baileyabad First of all, you should know that what the bullies say is NOT true at all. You can go to parents or friends for support! 💜

  • mayab
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    Just stand up for yourself and ignore the bullies and that ignoring thing worked for me they just left me alone

  • moxxo
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    @baileyabad remember one thing. the people who bully u are the ones who are the MOST insecure about themselves. and thsts why they feel the need to bring others down.

  • horses77
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    They are jealous of what they don’t have so they want to make themselves feel better by make someone (you, in this instance) feel discouraged about themselves. Just ignore them and make sure that they know that they can’t get to u. If they see that what they say effects you then they will feel like they have power over u and anyone else they get a reaction out of.
    P.S- It could be worse.

  • lynlin
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    If they’re trying to bring you down, it only means your higherthan them.

  • madelyn23
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    Okay u need to ignore them they are just jealous of you

  • moxxo
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    @baileyabad hi. I would suggest JUST ignore these kids. smile at them when they say sth mean. and have faith in ur self. u KNOW that u r AWESOME. and u KNOW that some random kids calling u names wont make u non worthy. do u have friends at this school? stick with them!

  • baileyabad
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    I did tell an adult. it just made things worse.

  • giadatalks
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    Tell a adult. Ur awesome! Bullies on,y bully because either they are getting bullied or they want attention or they are going through a hard time

  • baileyabad
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    I’m being bullied at school
    People tell me every day that I’m not worth anything and they call me mean names.

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