Behavior in a bully

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    Awesome you r correct

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    Thanks for this! Really helpful info for anyone wondering if they are being bullied. You should submit it to the miss o website so they can publish it! @jaraca1033

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    Hi my name is Jaraca and today I will be telling you all about bullies and their behavior. A bully is a person who has also been bullied by another one. I will be acting out for a little bit. 1=Person 2=Bully. 1 “Hi! My name is (Whatever their name is) I’m new here want to be friends?” 2 “You wish.” Laughs at them. 1 “Oh, ok.” 2 “Go find some nerds for friends just like yourself. Me and you will never be friends.” (Says some other mean things.) That was the sad part. But this is the good part. 1=Person who is going to get bullied. 2=The bully 3=The person who will eventually stand up for the new kid. 1 “Hi my name is blah blah blah. I’m new here and I’m looking for some friends want to be my friend?” 2 “With you? The new kid? No way! You’re a nerd. (Makes mean comments about them) 3 “Hey! Stop bullying that kid right now!” 2 “Or what? You’ll beat me up? Tell the principal? Oh please,” 2 “I will tell the principal and then she/he will contact you’re parents and have a talk about bullying.” 2 “Like I said I’m not afraid of the principal!” (More people gather around the argument and all together stand up to the bully) 2 “Fine, all leave her/him alone! Geez!” The reason why that probably happened is because that person got bullied too, and it goes on and on and on and on until finally there’s the source. The person that started it all. Or maybe it was just of jealousy or just to be mean. No ever guesses why the bully bullied someone at first until the bully tells you. Behavior in a bully is always hard to find at first, but just keep digging until you figure it out.

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