What should I do?

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  • skybluesplash
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    @bunbunkaii One thing’s for sure, you should definitely bring a parent (or a trusted adult) if you are meeting him. Especially if you don’t know him that well. But if you don’t, you probably shouldn’t arrange a meeting just yet! 💜

  • kawaiineko
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    Uhh that doesn’t sound safe at all. You should tell your parents or guardian about this if he keeps asking, even if he seems like a nice person. But if you do want to meet him, talk to your parents first. That’s my advice 🙂

  • bunbunkaii
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    Yes my parents do know we have been talking, His parents and my parents have talked on video chat. And If we do meet I will take a parent! 🔥😃😄👌

  • blakeyrakey
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    @bunbunkaii doesn’t sound safe… do your parents know you’ve been talking a him? And if u ever meet him, u MUST bring a parent.. I still don’t think it’s safe tho 😬

  • bunbunkaii
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    I just found a really nice boy, We have been video chatting for a long time, And oh by the way, We met on snapchat. He asks me if we would ever be able to meet? What should I say? 😂😂😅😅😓😓 Maybe If I should met him ill bring a parent?

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