urgent?? need help

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  • taya39333
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    Tell him that you do like him but only as a friend

  • bunny_ash
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    alright thanks

  • bunny_ash
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    ty x

  • bunny_ash
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    yeah they told me to say i liked him but idk

  • bunny_ash
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    they kept on nagging me about it so i had to say something… i tried to change the theme but they kept on changing it back

  • shygirler976
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    First of all if ur not sure say mm…say to ir friends im.not ready to get that far or just try changing tge theme.

  • skybluesplash
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    @bunny_ash Be totally honest with him and your friends! Telling the truth will always be better for you. If you continue to say tou like him when you really don’t, your friends might put a lot of pressure on you to do things you dont want to. Being honest will be better, trust me! 💜

  • moxxo
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    @bunny_ash yes be honest. dont force urself in a relationship with someone who is just a friend. 💕

  • angel9078
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    I think you should be honest with him. If you pretend to like him, it could upset him or hurt his feelings in the future if and when he finds out.

  • bunny_ash
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    i found out that this guy that i always talk to likes me because his best friend told me when we were all telling each other who we liked. in humanities we all pinky promised to tell each other who we liked. my best friend said hers, the guy that likes me’s friend said his, then i said mine. i like this other guy, not my guy friend. so then my guy friends friend said who my guy friend liked and it was me. it got awkward from there and my friend tried to get me with him, but luckily the bell went. in our next class, the guys friend asked me if i liked the guy that likes me. i didn’t know what to say, but my friends told me to say i do and see where it goes from there. i didn’t want to, but i did it anyway. now my guy friend thinks that i like him back and idk what to do when i go to school tomorrow. what do i do? 🙁

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