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  • laylamichelle
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    Sometimes boys r weird. That boy might actually like u but doesn’t want to be pressured into saying it or he might only want to be friends. Maybe he is acting mean because he wants a reason to talk to u.

    I knew a boy who actually liked me and wanted to be friends, but he didn’t know how to tell me so he started being mean.

    Though if he is mean in general and shows no interest in u then maybe u should let it go. He’s not the type for u. I know u really like him but if he doesn’t respect u and treats u bad then he’s not worth your time and effort.

    My advise to u now,because u have moved schools, try and forget about him. Write a diary about him. It helps sometimes to get thoughts on paper. Then u can throw it away later. Or talk to your mum or older sister about it.

  • xxjordynxx
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    same here…i liked this guy in football and now my mom says i cant go back so i wont see him anymore…and i get the random memories….sometimes it never goes away…i liked a boy we lost contact haven’t talked in a year and i still get the random memories

  • chickenlover12
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    Get a new crush, stay busy , tell him that you like him the day before you leave.

  • hazel5
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    Hi @stwesschihuahua I understand you like him and it’s difficult to find another crush but best would be to stay focused and keep yourself busy in different productive activities. talk tou your best friend about it. Because he somewhat seems sweet but also sometimes mean so i am sure u will get someone way better when your new school starts ❤️❤️

  • stwesschihuahua
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    I need help …. How do you forget someone you have a huge crush on???
    I have a huge crush on this guy at school and we’re friends. But he always picks on me all the time!!! Sometimes he’s kind to me and we’d talk a lot and play a lot. And then next thing you know he picks on me again!!! I confessed to him a lot and he acts like he’s fine with it . It crushed my heart when he never gave me an answer and now I’ll be moving to a new school. But memories of him keeps on popping up on my head and I want to just let go 😢😢

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