Umm I don’t know I just have boy trouble

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  • tulipgirlnyc
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    You should ask him straight out. And if he doesn’t answer or sneaky and shady I think you should break up with him if he’s lying and being sneaky. Don’t threaten him and just do it. U deserve better

  • singingbeast3
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    Check all his social media accounts to see if you have any evidence, plus when he’s over tell him your phone died and ask him if you can use it. Of course he’ll say yes so then check his text messages! Screenshot any evidence and quickly text it to your phone!

  • gracieboobear
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    Ok so my boyfriend is like just leaving all the time at wired hours when we are spending time together he is always sneaking off what should I do because I have told him to stay around and he said sure but he keeps doing it anyways and I threatened him if he kept being wired and sneaky I would break up with him he is also hiding his phone from me it almost seems like there is a girl in the back ground???😡but I don’t know give me ideas 🧐🤨

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