Ugh boys sometimes

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    i think you should talk to the one who you feel more comfortable and whom you like talk to him alone both of them seem like amazing guys soo its really up to you ig tell them about how you feel and be you the entire time 🙂

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    You gotta go with your gut feeling. Who do you connect with the most? They both sound good so just pick one! @swirlygirl99

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    So I have a few guy friends and I talk them a lot and and the rest of the girls are like you like one of the guys and I say no because I don’t but sometimes I feel like they like me and I kinda like them there are two that I think like me there names are Dylan and Joshua josh is the kinda guy who is nice and can help with anything Dylan on the other hand is nice and also loves boy stuff can you help me please can you tell me which one too hang around with more Often because I don’t want to hang out. With a guy and he doesent even think I’m nice and pretty and does not even talk to me please help me decide what is very important to me is that the boy kinda likes me and I like him and also I will be spending time with them please help

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