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  • alyssia17
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    Bri009 don’t

  • jadelavender
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    Would you feel comfortable if those pictures got out? I wouldn’t! He could be sending those pictures he gets to people you don’t know. He’s a terrible influence. Who does that to kids??? He’s a kid!! I would advise you not to even talk to that guy if you know that he does that stuff!

  • jadelavender
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    Channing “I wouldn’t!” To I would!!

    • jadelavender
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      Change this too😂😂😂🤣🤣sorrry I was in a rush yesterday. Ignore the comment above

  • leafgirl
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    Girl leave him immediately

  • kawaiineko
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    Honestly I think you should stop being friends with him. He’s obviously a pervert and a creep. What he’s doing is right at all and you shouldn’t give in to what he wants, even if you do like him. Ppl like him are very bad influences on others. You should also tell an adult you trust about what he does. Someone like him doesn’t sound like he’s worth the trouble.

  • singingbeast3
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    Okay, I may not know much… but I do know that thats perverted. You know whats worst than a predator… a CHILD predator. Who knows where he could be leaking these photos? He probably sends them to his friends!!!

    • bri0099
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      That’s true…

  • addsfave
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    No. He’s not good for you. Don’t send pictures. If an adult finds out, it ALWAYS seems to be the girls fault. Never the boy who asked for them. Stay strong 💜

  • bookhugger26
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    Talk to an adult you trust, this is not acceptable and you should not get involved with him.

  • ellyntaylor-25
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    Tell and adult and tell him to stop. If you don’t like it l, and you’re not comfortable with what he’s doing, then don’t get involved.

  • hazel5
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    Hey! Doesnt sound right tbh. You need to talk to a trusted adult regarding this and block him out!! @bri0099

  • bri0099
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    This guy I like I have been friends with for a while but I know he sends inappropriate pics to other girls and hes asked me for them a few times. Someone plz convince me he’s not good for me cause otherwise I’m gonna get caught up in this bs.

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