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  • cherry4444
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    Giiiiiirllllll! Chill Out!!!!! Relax and hang out with your friends and maybe befriend him?

  • wendamclagirl19
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    I think you should just relax and have a little you time.

  • teryer
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    I think that you are overthinking. Just try to relax and you can talk to a person you trust.

  • hazel5
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    Youre seeing him in your dreams because maybe you are overthinking too much. Dont! Calm down ❤️ and stay busy @bunny_ash

  • asiadacreativedoggo
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    I’m not sure the first part confused me a little can you clairify?

  • bunny_ash
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    Ive had this crush on this guy for 2 yrs now and i cant accept to not be missing him. Ive became more moody after the last day i saw him. I cry about him sometimes. I had a dream last night about him…. Ive had lots of dreams with him in it. Is it normal to cry over a guy? Why do u think i mostly have dreams about him?? What are your thoughts??

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